Hello, I'm Edens Elite and welcome to ROM Hacking paradise. I've trawled endlessly through the web and found some pretty neat stuff. and figured I may as well share it all with you lot so you do have to go looking as well. If you have any problems with this site, stuff missing etc. or you feel you have a decent file worth contributing to the site. Please feel free to PM me in the link above.

I don't think I've actually posted anything that I've made on this site, so when I refer to my 'collection' I simply am referring to the ones that I have downloaded and liked. However many of the stuff, I have worked with, usually involving resizing, indexing exporting palettes e.g the DS Trainers 64x64.

Some People have complained about the file extension '.7z' The program to read this file is avaliable in the Related Programs section and I have used it as it compresses files much better than .ZIP. If it still gives an error when you try and open it; right-click the file go down to the '7-Zip' option and select 'Open Archive'.

Finally, Please note that this site is still currently a work in progress and will be constantly updated. If you see any errors, please report them.

So without further ado; go forth. Enjoy.