Trainer OWs
I'm fairly proud of my OW collection. Currently, I'm only adding in GBA format OWs, but if they are asked for, I will add in DS, GB etc. Because there is quite a few of them, I thought the best logical sollution would be to put them into sections (Please note, some are RSE, but most are FRLG apart from Different Template obvs.) Also OWs are a mini-passion (mini, lol) of mine and would love to see the singular OW (Such as Pearl) be sprited into full walking ones etc etc. plus I need a few extra, so if you interested, pm me. Please note the slideshow does not contain everything that is avaliable in the downloads and is only a preview. There are so many OWs here. It's hard to keep track of the credit.

Ranger - Came from an Anonymous source, they are public though.
Gamecube - Credit to Aimybee. Best Wes OWs i've ever seen.
RBY - Credits to Corosis, thethethe and Wesley FG
- Credits to Corosis
RSE - Unsure of origin tbh, I know they are public though, If anyone knows where they came from, let me know.
DPP - Credits to Wesley FG and Corosis, If i left any out on this one, let me know, but they are all public.
Insertables (Ready to be put in a ROM) I have some really excellent OWs in this section. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of their origin or avalibility, so they are suspended indefinetly.
Different Template - Most are Labeled, the rest from Spriters-Resource