Related Programs
These Programs are pretty useful and can make ROM hacking a lot easier.

Irfanview An essential image editing tool, often used for palette editing and indexing Download
Diskaid Access the files of your iPod, useful for inserting ROMs into your emulator folder (Emulator only avaliable to jailbroken iPods) Download
Pedit A .PAL to .ACT Converter, useful as .PALs are unstable when used with APE Download
Imagicon A Mass .PNG to .BMP Converter, For use with Download
JPEGJoiner Can join up images to make one big one, useful for showing off fakemon etc. (Only accepts .JPGs and .BMPs) Download
7Z The best archive program on the web, needed for my download links on the site, as it uses the extension .7z Download
Photoshop CS3 Portable A portable version of Photoshop, makes hacking a lot easier Download
HxD One of the best Hex Editors around Download
Dropbox The best uploading program on the web, a free 2GB when you sign up. Never worry about uploading pictures and .IPS's ever again. My personal favourite program. Download
NDSTextExtracts .MIDs from NDS ROMs (Doesn't work with everything.) Download