Useful Links
Here are a few useful links, in case i'm not good enough for you ;)
This guy deserves a medal. Just edit the 'bulbasaur' part of the link to any pokemon and recieve every sprite from green to black and ranger to trozei.
Annoying for mass downloading, but contains every pokemon sprite to date in an extremely organized way. If you were to put every sprite avaliable on this site into one zip folder. It would be the most useful pokemon resource on the web.

Incredibly useful for midis from Video games.
A great resource for hacks, tool, tutorials and more!
Not very well known about, but great for tutorials. Might need Google Translate though as a lot of it is in German.
An Unbelievable amount of sprites on this site. I got half my official stuff from here.
An incredibly useful Sprite Generator! Just type in the pokemon and recieve FRLG, RSE and DP sprites instantly.
My favourite online pokedex.
You wouldn't believe how many useful things are only a click away. Many times i've spent an hour on google, when I could have found the same thing on deviantart in 10 seconds.