ROM Hacking Tools
When I first joined the hacking community, I was unsure of what tools to use. Below is a catalog of EVERYTHING you need, If something good comes out, I'll add it to the list. I have never hacked .gb, .gbc and .NDS so I have no idea of the right tools to use. If you are experienced in hacking any of these, please give me a list of all the tool needed for that generation.

Advanced Series GBA Pokemon Edit a Pokemon's Sprite, Position and Party Icon Download
YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor) GBA Pokemon Edit all details of a Pokemon Download
Pokemon Editor Pro GBA Pokemon Similar to YAPE Download
Evolution Editor GBA Pokemon Edit a Pokemon's Evolution Download
Egg Move Editor GBA Pokemon Edit a Pokemon's known egg moves Download
Learnable TM Editor GBA Pokemon Edit a Pokemon's learnable TM list Download
A-Tack GBA Pokemon Edit Attacks Download
PokeCry GBA Pokemon Edit a Pokemon's cry Download
NSE (Nameless Sprite Editor) GBA Images Edit nearly any image in the game Download
APE (Advance Palette Editor) GBA Images Edit the palette of any image in the game Download
Item Image Editor GBA Images Edit the image offset of items Download
Item Manager GBA Scripting Edit details on Items Download
Advance Map (1.95) GBA Mapping Edit the places in the game Download
Elite Map GBA General Includes many useful programs such as UnLZ Download
XSE (eXtreme Script Editor) GBA Scripting Edit Scripts in the game Download
Sappy + MID2AGB GBA Music Edit or Insert music into the game Download
A-Text GBA Scripting Edit the text in the game Download
Berry Name Editor GBA Scripting Edit Berry names Download
TSCC (Title Screen Cry Changer) GBA Scripting Edit the Title Screen Cry Download
Shinyzer GBA Scripting Allows Shiny Pokemon to be used in scripts Download
Pokedex Order Editor GBA Scripting Allows the user to swap around pokemon in the pokedex Download
DNS (Day, Night, Seasons) GBA Scripting Allows implementation of Day, Night and Seasons Download
Free Space Finder GBA Scripting Finds free space in ROMs so you may store things Download
Misc. Editor GBA Scripting Edits a couple of little things Download
NTME GBA Images Allows to create tilesets (.RAWs) Download
A-Mart GBA Scripting Edit prices of items and what's avaliable in Marts Download
A-Starter GBA Scripting Edit the pokemon you start with Download
Trader Advanced GBA Scripting Edit the trades avaliable in the game Download