ROMs & Hacks
Unfortunately, Distrubution of ROMs is illegal. (Although Google doesn't know that, hint hint.) So you will have to make do with these Links. I would consider even paying for any of these so I think it's a pretty good list. I have only listed Good and English Hacks. Think i'm missing one (Or got one wrong)? Just send me a PM.

Complete Hacks
Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign Of Legends
Pokemon: TRE (Team Rocket Edition)
Pokemon Brown
Pokemon Ash's Quest
Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers
Pokemon Flora Sky
Pokemon Naranja

Incomplete Hacks
Pokemon Light Platinum (Spanish Version Complete, but not English)
Pokemon Thunder Emblem
Pokemon Toxic Purple
Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Pokemon Crystal Dust
Pokemon Prism
Pokemon Sienna
Pokemon Crono
Pokemon Mythic Legends
Pokemon Rijon Adventures
Pokemon Shiny Gold
Pokemon Ash Gray
Pokemon Marble